Bulgarian literary modernism

Rosen Petkov collection

The illustrated catalogue contains 143 Bulgarian and 14 foreign titles of books and magazines from the collection of Rosen Petkov, illustrating the development of Bulgarian literary modernism and an introductory article by the author. The collection has been collected for decades with a lot of effort and love and is a representative sample of Bulgarian books and magazines from the end of the XIX century to the Second World War, with an emphasis on the books of modernism from the 20s and 30s of the XX century. The artefacts are divided into two sections, “Collection of Bulgarian Literary Modernism” and “Touches from Foreign Editions-Modernism”. Each of the editions is presented with good quality color material and data about the artefact itself – authors, editors, translators, illustrators, sizes, number of pages, publishers, printers, cover paper and body. The catalogue is published in 300 numbered issues.

ISBN 978-619-91344-2-9

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