About the author

Rosen Petkov is a researcher of the book as an artifact, creator of educational materials in the field and a collector. He had the pleasure to get acquainted with a number of first editions of Bulgarian authors and to explore their language, style and layout – illustrations, paper, fonts, ornaments and bindings.

The author has been working in the field of computer arts and design since their entry into Bulgaria and is one of the first experts who helped the development of computer arts in our country and the promotion of world achievements in this field. In the early 1990s, he was a computer art editor at Computer Graphics magazine. Petkov is one of the founders of the International Forum for Computer Arts “Computer Space”, www.computerspace.org, (32 editions), as well as the founder of the Student Society for Computer Art (SOKI), www.scas.bg, which has implemented over 120 projects. in the field of digital arts, design and career development of students and young people. Rosen Petkov graduated from the Technical University in Sofia, majoring in Computer Science and specializes in various problems of multimedia in the universities and academies of Edinburgh, Lille and Cologne. After graduating, he started as a lecturer in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, where he created and gave lectures on the subject “Computer Graphics”, and at NBU he created (together with Ivelin Stefanov) the specialty “Computer Arts”, which later renamed “Graphic Design”.

Rosen Petkov has led innovative international projects in the field of books and digitalization, one of them is “Design of bindings and conservation of old books, albums and documents” (BBinding.org, 2012-2014), participated in the development of technology and training materials for low-budget digitization of books and documents, international project MobiDig under the Erasmus + program (mobiledigit.eu). He is the author of the book “On Old Books and Computer Arts”, 2010, 2012 and co-author of guides and online training materials in the field of preservation and digitalization of book heritage.

Petkov also maintains two Facebook groups, one for first editions, Bulgarian printed antique books – About old books and computer arts , and the other for the design of handmade book covers-Bookbinding design.

Blog: http://rkpetkov.blogspot.com/